Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lucky Lady

I am a lucky lady. Yeah, yeah, I'm still trying to get my Mojo back, but in the meantime, I realize that I am one lucky woman, missing Mojo and all. Because.......I have the world's best husband.

Sorry ladies, I do, and he's mine, all mine, you can't have him he's mine. Let me tell you why, or at least give you the cliff notes because I'm saving the juicy deets for myself.

My husband loves me enough to let me be crazy and just go along with it. And I am crazy, make no mistake.

He works his butt off all week, and comes home hoping to relax, or go for a ride, or you know, do something he wants to do, or do nothing at all and uh oh......I get an idea. You might think this would be no big deal, but you would be wrong.

When I get an idea, it usually has to do with building something, painting, digging, planting, moving something, assembling something, taking something apart, and then probably moving it back to where it was, putting it back together, taking it back down, you get the picture. Our home is one big undone project because I come up with great ideas that he puts into action, then change my mind in the process, or stop at picking a paint color, or get sidetracked by a new idea and he has to start on that one. Or..... I might have a really good idea for a clean healthy recipe, like all natural homemade veggie burgers! YUM! Okay, I didn't make him eat those, but he would have, and he has had enough brown rice to last a lifetime because I think it's healthier, and he doesn't like brown rice.

This weekend, was a long weekend for us, I wasn't feeling well, and he stayed home a couple of days with me. I'm not working right now so I have alot of time on my hands. ALOT of time to think, come up with GREAT ideas. For instance, we got an ad in the mail for those medical exams, where they take ultrasounds of your main arteries to see if you are at risk for strokes or heart attack. They happened to be giving these exams (for a fee of course) at a local church on a day he was home. I should note here that the week before, we lost a friend at the age of 49 years due to an unexpected stroke. Just went outside to feed the dogs, and had a stroke and died. Sooo.... I gave my husband the ad, and asked him to go for the exam. I could see he didn't want to really, I'm sure he thinks I am overreacting because he usually does (maybe I usually do, but don't tell him I admitted it), but he just said, okay, if you want me to. That's it! No argument, no discussion, I didn't even have to give my prepared speech (of course I prepared a LONG one, which was wasted and I will now have to archive it for future use!). He just knew I needed him to do it, and he loves me enough so he did it. We went, and he has had it done and I'm happy. I feel better. You would think his good deed was over for at least the weekend but you would be wrong again....

Good idea #2. Let's get rid of the bed in the spare room and really turn that in to the exercise room. Should only take a few minutes and I can help, right?? Ha! Not only am I useless as I possess no physical strength or mechanical ability, did you know it takes quite a bit of time to take apart a bed, move a computer and set it up in another room (if you want it connected to the internet via a cable in the wall), set up a television in a wall bracket and arrange exercise equipment (which btw, I can't even use right now but that's another story) to fit in the room?? Yup, quite a bit of time.... Oh well, he can relax now, right??

Wrong!! Hey! I Know! Let's plant a vegetable garden! It'll be easy cuz last weekend we were at my mother in law's house, and she gave me some ice-plant clippings and a cactus. I do not have anything like a green thumb so when she said just stick it in the ground and it will grow, and I stuck it in the ground and it didn't wither and die, I decided to pull a few weeds. That wasn't so bad, so maybe we should plant those veggies I've been wanting.....just a few, I know I can help with that! Well, SEVERAL hours later, we have a huge vegetable garden, probably about 100 sq ft, maybe more, soil all dug up and properly fertilized, complete with new sprinkler, several types of tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, cucumber, a couple rows of lettuce, spinach, green beans, green onions, cantaloupe, broccoli, and brussel sprouts. My contribution? Picking out the veggies, and planting some basil, and some little cactus (cacti?) in pots on the patio. Oh, and pulling some weeds, I don't want my beautiful new vegetable garden taken over by weeds.

And later, when my wonderful husband told me that tomorrow he just wanted to take it easy, and have a lazy day, I said "yeah, I know, I'm kinda sore and tired and feeling icky from pulling all those weeds". And my husband, just kissed me and said "poor baby". And he wasn't even being sarcastic.



  1. LOL. That was too cute and funny! Loved it!

  2. It's been two weeks since your last post--tell everyone to leave you alone so you can sit at the computer for an hour or so. I'm totally understanding your need to find "Mojo." I'm in the same "Mojo-less" boat! Writing may be the only way to discover her again. Keep up the blog, no matter what the topic may be. You'll rediscover you, or better yet, find a happier, healthier, more interesting you.

    Can't wait to read your next post!

  3. Hey mama! I gave you an award on my blog today. The Sisterhood Award! I love you!

  4. Hey ladies! I just discovered I had followers and comments! Yippee lol! Love you girls!