Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is it Love or is it Lust?

At first it's just a glance, you're looking around casually, and suddenly your interest is caught.  You stare, you can't help it, trying not to make it too obvious to those around you.  But your pulse quickens.  Maybe you look around to see if anyone notices that your heart is about to pound right out of your chest.

Your palms are sweaty.  You've been noticed. that goodMMMM...It's wonderful being noticed.  But have you been notice for the write right reasons?  Is it because you're making a spectacle of yourself?  Or is it because they are attracted to you?

Their words are like sweet nothings, whispered into your ear on a warm summers evening.  And you just can't get enough.  Even those that are not particularly eloquent are beautiful words because they were meant for you.  They have been whispered in your ear and you will remember them always.

But will they stick around for the long haul, or are they merely toying with your emotions.  Will this turn in to a lasting relationship, or is it to be what-bam-thank-you-mam.  Either way, you're so grateful for their attention, you're like a puppy dog.

So you take the next step and go on over to their place, and if your lucky, you have something in common.  You might even have a few laughs.  Or they might say something that touches your heart.  Sometimes you learn something new.  Sometimes, you realize that the lust you felt upon first sight has worn off, and while you like them well enough, it was not love at first sight, so you don't want to hang around. You don't even think you'll see them again.  And sometimes, (please no) they have made that decision about you.

Ah well, there are other fish in the sea.  You just have to get back out there.

Sound familiar?  Am I talking about blogging, or dating.  That feeling you get when you're checking your email and you notice one or two telling you that a comment has been left on your latest post?  Isn't it just like spotting that cutie in a bar, catching his/her eye?  Wondering if they really like you or just wanna hook up?  Okay, so I don't really remember much about dating.  But it sure seems similar to me!

This post was inspired by today's  fantastic and funny post by KJ at 12 paws and frogs (click here to check it out, you'll love it), and by all the lovely comments and new followers I've been lucky enough to get.  I appreciate all of you, you quicken my heart.  XOXOXO

And to those of you visiting my page, wondering  "should I stay or should I go?, I offer the romantic candlelight, wine, and the following little ditty:

You don't know how you met me
You don't know why, you can't turn around and say good-bye
all you know is when i'm with you I make you free
And swim through your veins like a fish in the sea
I'm singing....

Follow me
Everything is alright
I'll be the one to tuck you in at night
And if you want to leave
I can guarantee
You won't find nobody else like me...
                               (Uncle Kracker) 


  1. Great post. Thanks for the mention. We've all lost our minds . . . and boy does it feel good!

  2. I love this!!! It is soooo true. Lol. Great post!

  3. This is fantastic! LOL - thanks for sharing!


  4. Hahahaha Great post! I feel the same when I get comments on my blog.
    Just found you via the Lady Bloggers tea party... I'm very late.. just celebrated my anniversary so didn't get online in time haha.
    Cute writing style. I thought oooh ahhh so lovely... then realised you were talking about something different all together! haha =D
    Love the "about me" bit under your profile pic. Keep thinking that way! Stay young forever!
    Love Kirsty xox

  5. It is great when you get a new commenter who posts interesting, intelligent comments. Plus, we need them to counterbalance those spammers whose comments are gibberish interspersed with tons of spammy links. Love the analogy between dating and blogging!

  6. Nice blog!

  7. 1st time here thanks to Ashley.
    Love that song, sing it to my two year old all the time. Feels almost spiritual to me.

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