Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Making the Cut or: Hair There and Everywhere Part II

Okay I did it.....I got it all chopped off.  After my last post, Hair There and Everywhere, I felt freer. Like a big weight had been lifted off my chest.  And such positive feedback from family and friends (from people I didn’t even know too! How cool is that? ) just made me feel so much better.  I wasn’t even really worried about the hair anymore.  It felt like I had been to therapy, spilled my guts, had my spiritual boo-boos kissed and could run outside and play again. 

I was so pleasantly surprised and excited when a few visitors from the Lady Bloggers Society visited my Blog and left sweet comments that I told my husband about it.  Okay, several times.  I was like Rainman “Judge Wapner is on at three o’clock” "three o'clock, time for Judge Wapner"  “I got three comments from other bloggers on my post” "three bloggers from Lady Bloggers Society commented on my post", over and over again,  until he finally had to read it.   I sat next to him while he silently read it on my Iphone.  I don’t recommend that.  I got so nervous my palms were sweating.  He didn’t make any comment , for the longest time........except to say that his ex-wife cut her hair really short once.  AAAAGGGHH!  Still reading.....still reading.....palms still sweating.......until he got to the Dolly Parton picture, then he laughed out loud!  And picked the cut that he liked best.  Whew!  Third picture, redhead BTW.  I had been waffling between that and the third from the last, blonde pixie. 

Anywoo, it seemed I had all the support I needed to go ahead and be a little creative in the expression of my identity and cut off the proverbial offending arm as it were, so, with the pressure off I didn’t need to obsess about it anymore.  Then my local hair dresser returned the call I made the week before.  Uh-oh.  Of course she could help camouflage the thinning of my hair, and she just happened to have an opening this afternoon.  Only I wasn’t ready (chicken little is my name), so we made and appointment for next Tuesday. 

Then I got in the shower.  And several strands came out in my hands as I shampooed.  So that was it, the deal was sealed.  I was not gonna cry, not after the miles long blog post, not after all the support I got, and certainly not after the gift and support I got from my husband, who truly is the most wonderful husband on earth.  So I finished my shower in record time, made arrangements to switch afternoon car pool, and took that afternoon appointment after all. 

And I have to say, I feel free!  I even took a picture of myself (if you know me, you know that is a huge deal!)

And when the Hubs got home, he told me I was beautiful, not cute :) I love you honey XOXOXO

(PS Post)  When I showered this morning, NO hair fell out, I pulled, curled, straightened, and pulled some more, and NOT ONE STRAND CAME OUT.  WTF?  But I'm not gonna push my luck, only gentle loving hair care from now on ;)


  1. I'm so proud of you!!! You are one hott rockstar of a Mom!!! Love you!

  2. Such a cute cut! I'm a giant chicken about my hair. I like it long- it's very thick and gets all poofy and huge if it's short. I did get abou 8 inches cut off a few months ago(putting it at shoulder length) and now all I want is to grow it out again.

    But, your haircut is adorable! Love it!

    Oh, and did you really have a blue and pink mohawk????

  3. Thanks Shell! I'm usually pretty brave about my hair, it'll always grow back right? And I love to mess with color (much to my blonde hair lovin husband's dismay) But anyone would get scared after 12 years, so I was nervous that last time I cut it! I do like it short though, I'm having fun with it, especially not having to see it all over the shower floor lol, and styling takes about 1/3rd the time so I am LOVING that!

    Yes I DID have a pink and blue mohawk, and I did it up in 12 inch liberty spikes :) Now THAT took forever! My parents hated it of course, but my kids love hearing about it, it gives me a little street cred. They love to brag to their friends about it, who look at me now and don't really believe it haha.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm new to blogging and discovered I'm kindof and attention HO! I love it. Gonna go check out yours now, see you there!